cinnamon buns

Soft & Gooey

At Sweet Caroline's we make our Cinnamon Buns right in the shop. 

Our homemade Cinnamon Buns are deliciously sweet, moist and sticky.

You won't be able to resist the temptation to have another one!


Cinnamon Bun label.png

" ...the cinnamon buns are the best! "
Jacqueline Gori, Customer

Bet You Can't Resist the

Cinnamon Roll single.png

The aroma is enough to have you coming back for more.

Each Cinnamon Bun is extra soft and fluffy with the most delicious cinnamon sugar swirl!  They're topped with a decadent icing and buttermilk glaze.

You're going to fall in love. They're probably going to be the best you ever tasted and so popular we sell out everyday! 

Bring the irresistible aroma of cinnamon and vanilla home. Available in singles or a box of 6. Be sure to pair your Cinnamon Buns from our hot beverage lineup.

Spread warmth with a Sweet Caroline's gift card, no matter the occasion. Make life a little sweeter for friends and family in need of a little frosting.


Rolling the Dough