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Bet You Can't

As soon as you walk in our shop you can smell the aroma of our fresh, in-house made Cinnamon Buns! Our homemade Cinnamon Buns are soft, sweet & sticky. You won't be able to resist!

" ...the cinnamon buns are the best! "
Jacqueline Gori, Customer

Soft & Gooey
get them while they last

Each Cinnamon Bun is extra soft and fluffy with the most delicious cinnamon sugar swirl!  They're topped with a decadent icing and buttermilk glaze.

You're going to fall in love. They're so popular we sell out everyday! 


Pre-order Now

1 for $4.50

4 for $16

6 for $24

Cinnamon Bun label.png
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